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How to create your own decals

Using our range of Laser and Inkjet waterslide decal papers and the latest Dry rub off transfer paper

Inkjet waterslide decal paper

Without doubt the most popular choice for model makers. This special paper is versatile enough to handle virtually any hard surface including:


Model planes, trains, cars and railway accessories lead the way. Your own or copied designs onto the plastics of your choice can be applied with ease.


Decals for die cast toys, mobile phone casings, knifes, bicycle frames and train carriages are just a few examples.


Printing your own designs onto mugs and plates is easy and professional results can be expected right from your first try.


Customising wooden picture frames and small boxes is a great way to bring life to wood.

Inkjet Decal Paper

To get you started we’ve introduced a pack of 5 sheets of A4 clear inkjet waterslide decal paper for £6.79

This provides enough decals for 30 mugs or potentially hundreds of transfers for your own designs and models along with full instructions.


Reference: CLRIWDP5

How to use waterslide decal paper

It’s really easy to get satisfying results, even with your very first try.

Excellent results can be expected by following our special paper instructions inside every pack.

The process to create your decals using the inkjet waterslide paper is supplied with every pack we provide. In a nutshell, you simply print your image, cut it out, seal it with acrylic spray and dip into water.

Your decal will then simply slide away from the backing sheet ready for you to apply to your subject.

Clear dry rub off decal paper

Our dry rub off decal paper can provide superb quality decals without using clear acrylic spray or submerging into water.

Dry Rub-Off is popular with card makers and arts and crafts enthusiasts. It allows you to print your own pictures, designs, toppers etc to paper or card leaving you with a virtually flush edge around your decal and the card or surface that you’ve applied it to. Also popular with miniature card and wood models like Dolls houses and model railway accessories.

Use for printing onto ceramics and glass as well as virtually any clean, dry surface including ribbon, chipboard, foam and wood. A must try product guaranteed to bring a smile for your efforts.


Dry rub decal paper

We are one of only a handful of companies in Europe offering Dry rub off decal paper at the lowest price at £5.89 for a pack of three A4 sheets.

Each pack also comes with three adhesive sheets of film and full instructions.


Reference: DRYRODP3


The process – Each A4 sheet of dry rub off paper comes with an A4 adhesive film sheet too. Print out your design onto the rub off paper then roughly cut out an equal size piece from the adhesive film.

Apply the adhesive film to your decal, smooth out (rub) and then exactly cut out your decal. Peel away the adhesive film and then apply your design to your desired surface.

Now use a coin or lollipop stick to gently rub the top of your design to bond your decal to its new surface. Lastly, peel off the shiny side of the rub off paper to reveal your finished decal, now at one with its new surface.

Our entire range of decal paper products come with full instructions along with all those helpful little tips that we’ve picked up along the way.

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