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Waterslide Decal Paper

Waterslide Decal Paper

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  • Create your own professional looking decals.
  • Applies to most hard surfaces including plastics, ceramics, metals and wood.
  • Print onto our waterslide paper like any normal printer paper.
  • Inkjet photo paper quality, directly onto your models, mugs, guitars, glasses and more with the picture or design of your choice.

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Inkjet decal paper is a popular choice for so many modellers and home users simply because of its ease of use and outstanding results.

We used the clear sheets for the mug above as we were creating decals for a light surface.

If you are creating decals to apply to a dark surface, use our white decal paper.

Start your waterslide decal project by choosing between our clear and white paper.

The next step is to find the image that you want to use to create a decal. This might be a photograph that you’ve taken or an image that you’ve saved from the Internet or even a drawing by hand.

Drop your image into Microsoft word or your choice of photo editing software. I used word for the mug decal above because I find it really easy to size my image to around 7cm simply by clicking and dragging the corner of the picture box.

Place the decal paper on top of your regular printer paper so that the print lands onto the coated, shiny side of the paper.

Once printed, wait for the print to dry. I used a hair dryer on a medium heat setting for 30 seconds to help the process along.

Once dry, cut your decal out leaving a small border and place onto some newspaper or large cardboard, ready to spray with clear acrylic spray.

A few coats oc acrylic spray will seal your decal allowing it to be ready to drop into water for the final stage.

Drop your cut out waterslide paper decal into a bowl of water and wait for around 1 minute. The decals paper backing will slide away easily when ready.

Now apply to your choice of surface and gently feather away the water from under the decal with your fingers. Keep doing this until you are happy that no more water is left hiding under your new decal.

It should already look excellent at this point. Over the next few hours your decal will take strength.

Our clear and white inkjet waterslide paper is available in A4 and A3 size.

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