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We have the right range of decal papers to compliment the biggest of imaginations. All at competitive prices leaving you with more money at the end of your shop.

If you’ve used water slide decal paper before, you’ll know that quality is important and we have tried and tested decal papers from around the globe. We are confident that we can offer you a high standard. There are a few decal paper suppliers out there and we have tested their products against ours by printing photographs and text onto them to compare. We were delighted to see that our papers came out on top time and time again.

  • Decal Paper Quality Control

    Inkjet waterslide decal paper
  • Here’s a test with our Inkjet waterslide decal paper on the right and another companies decal paper on the left bought from an auction site.

    Notice a huge difference in print colour and clarity – what’s more, the decal paper on the left was more expensive than ours.

Most frequently asked questions regarding our decal papers

Do I need to use a varnish with waterslide paper?

Clear varnish is required when using our inkjet waterslide decal papers. After printing onto the film side of the paper, a sealant is needed to seal the ink before dipping into water. Your print is protected whilst the water gently starts to release the paper backing away from your decal.

If you have a laser printer, clear varnish is not required when purchasing our laser water slide paper. As the print is done using toner, not ink, the print does not run. Our customers that print decals professionally for resale all use laser printers as the process time for making decals is cut by three quarters.

Depending on your project. You may also wish to apply some coats of protection onto your finished work especially if it’s likely that the decal may be exposed to a little wear and tear. We have customers who print decals for new reproduction vintage cycles. After applying the decals and allowing them to harden, a few clear varnish coats will be applied.

Will my finished mug be dishwasher proof?

No. The finished item will look like it’s just been purchased from your local supermarket but your artwork will not have a permanent “fix” as this is created using specialist print equipment and permanent inks often on mass produced ceramic mugs.

That said, I do still see mugs and plates decorated with waterslide technology. They will always have a clear varnish or transparent cover as a protective decal film.

If you are going to print onto a mug, always give it plenty of protection and hand wash only.

Can I print in white? When should I use white water slide decal paper?

Only specialist printers (Alps for instance) carry white ink. Most home printers either inkjet or laser do not carry white ink. In regular printing the white in any artwork is gained through using the white background on your printer paper. The white waterslide paper will act like regular white paper in that the white background will remain.

A good test to see if white decal paper is suited to your project is to print your design onto a regular white piece of paper and to ask yourself “If I cut this design out, would it be suitable”? In many cases, your answer will be yes. In some cases, (for instance if your artwork consisted of just white letters) it would be no as the letters would not be visible on your white background. And if you printed them onto clear waterslide decal paper, your printer would just display the white letters as clear.

One way around this is to choose the white waterslide paper and to match the background colour with the surface of your model with the white letters on top of the background. When you place your decal onto its surface, the decals background colour will blend into the surface leaving only the white lettering visible.

When should I switch to using the dry rub off decal paper?

If your project is to print onto a flat wooden surface which is light in colour, the dry rub decal paper would be a good choice. No water is involved. The process uses a clear film to print on and an adhesive film to complete the job. Miniature model making is a popular choice for dry rub decal paper. Dolls houses and railway track accessories are two favourites for this product. Scrapbooking and card making are also popular as this product delivers stunning card toppers or scrap booking effects. Essentially if your projects surface is paper, card or wood, consider the dry rub.

How do I create window signs or print custom designs onto glass?

If your design is a sign for an interior window, switching to our window cling film product may be wise as this allows for you to print onto clear film whilst clinging to the glass with static instead of the decal adhering itself to the glass.

If your design was to produce artwork onto glass, our clear waterslide decal film maybe a good choice as this can provide lovely translucent colour effects similar to that of stained glass but with very little effort.

Try Our Decal Paper Sample Pack

1 x Clear Inkjet Waterslide Decal A4

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Not sure which transfer paper to use?

We’ve introduced a trial pack of each type of these intriguing papers for you to see the subtle differences.

Everything you need to create decals for virtually any surface from wax to metal, plastic to wood and card to soap.

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Try Our Laser Printer Decal Paper Sample Pack

1 x Clear Laser Waterslide Decal A4

1 x White Laser Waterslide Decal A4

1 x Dry Rub Decal Paper A4

1 x Clear Adhesive Film A4

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Reference: LASDPSP1

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