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Laser waterslide decal paper

Laser printer waterslide decal paper

Create your own transfers for plastic or metal models, ceramic mugs or plates, wooden or wax surfaces using your own pictures and our specialist waterslide decal paper especially designed for laser printers. Clear varnish is not required when using clear laser waterslide paper.


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Dry rub decal paper

Dry rub decal paper

No water or clear varnish is required making our dry rub off decal paper especially good for creating custom transfers for all paper, card and wood projects

Transfer old fashioned black and white pictures onto plain wooden boxes or create fantastic 3d style card making toppers using any image from your PC. Dry rub decal paper is an incredibly versatile and impressive craft making accessory.


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Laser Heat Transfer Foil – Hot Foiling

Heat transfer foil

Transform any printed black print, picture, border or silhouette into gold, silver or a hologram using our laser heat transfer foils.

This is a very easy craft to learn. For ideas and inspiration take a look at Google images and type in your ideas for a picture followed by “silhouettes” to see what images to turn into a hologram or coat in gold or silver. Use for creating card making borders, metallic wedding invitations, unique metallic business cards, scrapbooking projects and more.


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Laser Printer Paper - Clear Adhesive Film

Laser printer clear adhesive paper

When time is short, why not try our print, peel and apply clear adhesive film. The print clarity is crystal clear and the adhesive is completely transparent whilst the film is very fine, making for a quick alternative to waterslide decals for those who want custom transfers quick and easy. Especially maniufactured for laser printers.

Laser Printer Paper - Clear Adhesive Film 5 Sheets A4

Reference : LASCLRADF


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Laser Printer Window Cling

Laser printer window cling

Create your own designs, stickers or signs for windows or mirrors. This print on static cling film is quick and easy to use making it ideal for a wide range of craft projects. Simply print, cut, peel and apply. Designs can be removed without leaving any residue whilst excellent print quality can be expected.

Laser Printer Window Cling 5 Sheets A4

Reference : LASWINCL5


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Laser Printer Gold and Silver Sticker Paper

Gold laser printer sticker paper

Simply print your own text, borders or images onto metallic sticker paper for a gold or silver background, then peel and stick onto any hard surface. Ideal for wedding invites, scrapbooking and a range of other craft projects.

Gold Laser Sticker Paper 5 Sheets A4

Reference : LPGSADPAP


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SilverLaser Sticker Paper 5 Sheets

Reference : LPGSADPAP


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