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Laser Decal Paper

Laser Decal Paper

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  • Create your own decals using your laser printer and our specially formulated laser waterslide paper.
  • Popular with model planes and vintage railway accessories.
  • Works superbly on mugs and plates creating that ideal personalised gift.

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Choose between clear laser waterslide paper for light coloured surfaces or white laser waterslide paper for dark surfaces

Metal, ceramics, wood and plastics are all agreeable surfaces to apply this decal paper to and it’s really a question of where your imagination will take you as we provide the right tools to fuel your hobby or creative side.

We could fill this page with project ideas for laser waterslide paper as it’s so versatile but we’ll stick with a few project favourite pictures on the left to give you an idea.

Creating your own decals starts with a project idea. Maybe it’s to apply a vintage train logo to an engine or carriage model or a memorable wedding picture to a ceramic plate. Whatever the project is, you’ll start by inserting the image into Microsoft word or photo-shop and sizing the picture or pictures to what you need.

At this stage I’ll perhaps print them out onto normal laser printer paper to double check. If I’m happy, I’ll proceed to printing onto the water slide papers blank side.

The print quality on our laser transfer paper is strong. Now proceed to cutting out your new model decal ready for dunking into water.

There is no requirement for clear varnish as your laser print and our paper will hold the image when submerged in water.

The backing will slide off your waterslide decals in around 30 seconds under water allowing you to apply your model decal to its surface.

Feather away the water under your decal with your fingers and your transfer is complete. When applying to mugs and plates, a short time of around ten minutes in the oven will be required as the finishing touch.

We also have a laser printer decal paper sample pack which includes 1 clear, 1 white, 1 dry rub and 1 clear adhesive film for you to experiment with.

Other types of decal paper for you to consider

  • Inkjet waterslide paper

  • Dry rub off decal paper

  • Clear adhesive paper

  • Sticker paper

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