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Water Slide Transfer Paper Trade Packs

A3 and A4 blank decal paper sheets available on selected water transfer papers.

NEW Universal Water Slide Decal Paper Packs

10 Sheets A4UNIVWDP10£15.99


50 Sheets A4UNIVWDP50£65.99


5 Sheets A3UNIVWDP5A3£15.99


A new water transfer paper that can be printed using an inkjet printer that does not require any sealant of the ink print before dipping into water. The paper also prints perfectly using a laser printer.

Universal decal paper is also thinner and stronger! A must try product for any users of white waterslide decal paper.

CLEAR Inkjet Waterslide Decal Paper

10 Sheets A4CLRIWDP10£11.79


50 Sheets A4CLRIWDP50£45.00


5 Sheets A3CLRIWDPA3£14.99


500 SheetsCLRIWDP500A4£399


WHITE Inkjet Waterslide Decal Paper

10 Sheets A4WHTIWDP10£11.79


50 Sheets A4WHTIWDP50£45.00


5 Sheets A3WHTIWDPA35£14.99


500 SheetsWHTIWDP500A4£399


CLEAR Laser Printer Water Transfer Paper

10 Sheets A4LASWDPCLR10£12.49


50 Sheets A4CLRLASWDP50£50.00


5 Sheets A3LASWDPCLRA35£14.99


500 Sheets £450 Call 07582096409 to BUY

WHITE Laser Printer Water Transfer Paper

10 Sheets A4LASWDPWHT10£12.49


50 Sheets A4WHTLASWDP50£50.00


5 Sheets A3WHTLASWDP5A3£14.99


500 Sheets £450 Call 07582096409 to BUY

BLUE BACK Waterslide Decal Paper

10 Sheets A4BLUEINK10£15.99


50 Sheets A4BLUEINK50£69.00


5 Sheets A3BLUELAS10£15.99


50 Sheets A4BLUELAS50£69.00


Produce Decals?

We Want Your Business!

We supply a consistent, quality range of decal paper and we resolve issues quickly. We can negotiate on price and we can assist with technical enquiries in most cases.


Welcome to our where to buy water decal paper trade page.

Here you’ll find a high quality range of water slide transfer papers from just 0.79p per sheet.

All of our papers are purchased from reputable consistent manufacturers and we store our decal papers at room temperature at all times. We carefully pack your papers into plastic wallets, hard backed envelopes, padded envelopes or boxes so that your decal papers arrive with you in perfect condition.

If you are new to creating water slide decals we can also assist with choosing the right transfer papers for your projects leaving you to focus on the creative side of things.

Our latest product is our Universal Water Slide Decal Paper which can be printed on an inkjet printer and dipped into water without sealing with varnish.

It appears transparent when the film is removed but dries with a white back. It is suitable for light surfaces but also darker surfaces too. We have found it to be most impressive transferring photographs onto all hard surfaces. Entirely new products can be developed with this water slide paper and we are experimenting with photographs onto glass with very exciting results! Universal is also super thin as well as strong, making it the perfect water slide product and a must try.

Blue backed decal paper is often hard to come by and we have an excellent water slide decal with blue backing for both inkjet and laser printers.

We supply most of the specialist decal producers using Alps printers and more.


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